After borrowing a camera for a fitness event in 2011, Brenda Rivera was hooked on working behind the camera. Her eye for capturing stunning images from weddings to newborns is well regarded by her peers. Brenda's work has been featured in international publication such as Zumba Fitness' Z-Life Magazine 

We Don't Take Pictures, We Capture The Moments. It's more than our slogan; it's what we strive for. Our passion is capturing the moment when pure spirit and energy meet. As our client, we will work with you to help create the perfect image to share with family and friends. Whether it is a fitness event full of energetic participants, an intimate wedding and reception, your newborn's first days, or the celebration of your growing family, let us work with you to not just give you pictures, but captured moments. 

Our passion, your moments

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Brenda Rivera

We don't take pictures, we capture the moments

Jabari Warfield's love for photography began in high school. As a fitness instructor, he loves to convey energy to his students, and the same can be said for his work behind the camera. His work has been featured on, Zumba Fitness' Z-Life Magazine, and video production for Zumba Fitness Master Trainer Sucheta Pal.

jabari Warfield